-ism [ızəm] suffix [in nouns]
[: French; Origin: -isme, from Latin -isma and -ismus, from Greek -isma and -ismos, from verbs ending in -izein; -IZE]
1.) a political belief or religion based on a particular principle or the ideas and beliefs of a particular person
2.) the action or process of doing something
his criticism of my work
3.) an action or remark that has a particular quality
her witticisms (=funny remarks)
4.) the state of being like something or someone, or having a particular quality
heroism (=being ahero; bravery)
magnetism (=beingmagnetic)
5.) illness caused by too much of something
6.) the practice of treating people unfairly because of something
sexism (=making unfair differences between men and women)

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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